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EPRIVO is much more than encrypted email. EPRIVO is the only private email service with a wide range of fine-grained privacy controls that a sender can use on each email - allowing future control in both recipient devices and cloud. It is also the only private email service that enables you to send voice (on mobile platforms) and text emails using your existing email address (GMail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Outlook and Hotmail), and maintain control over sent private emails forever. Add several special privacy controls, authentication, and encryption/confidentiality. Recall sent secure emails anytime to make them vanish. Privatize and securely archive past emails from any email account. EPRIVO service does not store your emails, but instead combines government-grade digital security/encryption with patented physical security to ensure each email’s privacy and access control in the future. No single provider ever has access to all the content even in encrypted form. You can manage EPRIVO private emails using your favorite email client software, web-based email, or simply through the EPRIVO app. Include a text message to notify recipients about a forthcoming email. Features include: • sender-controlled privacy • special privacy features per email • access control in both cloud and recipients’ devices • authentication • confidentiality/encryption • affordable subscription plans • all plans include free trial period Special Privacy Features: - Individual Plus (1 user) and Family Plus (up to 5 users) Subscription: • One-time view • No-forwarding • Time-based expiration • Privatize non-EPRIVO emails • Privatized subject • Privatized sender (unlockable) • Recall/expire anytime (unlockable). - Celebrity Gold (1 user) and Celebrity Platinum (up to 5 users) Subscription: • All special privacy features listed above, unlocked and immediately accessible • Privatized metadata • Prepaid invitations – Invitees receive 1 year subscription for free EPRIVO is a privacy service providing transparent email confidentiality, access control, and authentication using cloud solutions. An active subscription is required to use EPRIVO service to send, receive and read private emails.


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