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Fashionista Sketchbook is a sketchpad for all kinds of fashion designers: from beginners to fashion designers and professional artists. Anyone can easily bring their creative ideas into reality with our application. Style to impress and express yourself via designs. Feel free to create whatever you want. USE YOUR CREATIVITY - Combine different styles to create unique designs - Wide range of elements: skirts, sleeves, necklines, collars, and more - Experiment with clothes combinations - Don’t forget to add a perfect hairstyle to match your design SHOW YOUR PASSION FOR FASHION - Try new unique patterns and fabric textures - Choose any color you like with a customizable color palette - Such drawing tools as brushes, pencil, marker and eraser will help you to come up with great ideas for your outfits INSPIRE, CREATE AND SHARE YOUR DESIGNS WITH THE WORLD! - Don’t lose the opportunity to create an exceptional fashion collection - Impress your friends and followers with your marvelous projects Some features may be available with a subscription only: unlimited numbers of projects, access to all models, clothing templates and editing tools and no ads. The free version offers the possibility to create only one design and limited access to all models, clothing templates and designer tools and advertising viewing. https://creativeworkshop.club/privacy https://creativeworkshop.club/tos


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