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Hill Racing Car is the most addictive physics based car offroad racing & moto racing game! Control your Car, Pickup, Jeep or Sportscar to climb hills with most realistic control to face the challenges of unique uphill & downhill environments. Gain bonuses from tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances. Watch out the progress bar of fuel, You need to supplement fuel before the car run out of fuel! It is a perfect game for everyone who is into racing games! Features: ◄ Lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different vehicles: monster truck, tank, jeep, etc.) ◄ Upgrade ENGINE, TIRE, SUSPENSION, ROTATION, GAS POWER, 4WD, etc ◄ Numerous scenes with levels to reach in each. ◄ Super accurate Physics game This is one of the most new up-coming latest games and it's free-to-play wich includes: game of tanks and tank games also climbing games and car games while there is some kind of racing games for boys wich are combained with truck games and hill games but not forgeting bike racing games and you can inhace your driving game with hill climb mmx racing 3 besides moto racing and climb racing. Racing in general of this game can be devided to bike race, hill race and bike race 2 therefor hill racing in up hill racing can make you expert in hill car racing and air race 2d. Come to join this this offroad hill climb racing game now!


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