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Software for Mobile Business Forms with mobile App and SQL based business logic sync server:   Create individual templates, pre-populate form fields from third-party systems, capture data on-site and immediately verify input data.   MAIN FEATURES are full offline operation and automatic sync, smart catalogs with auto-complete, camera images with annotation sketches and authentic handwritten signatures (encrypted fully GDPR compliant).   FULLY DIGITAL – NO RETYPING OF PAPER ANYMORE   Replace your old paper forms – and save time, improve data quality, gain compliance and avoid process delays.   Use drag & drop to intuitively create custom templates using the HybridForms Designer.   Capture data with the HybridForms App, even offline – for tablet and phone. Supporting best usability and responsive design that perfectly adapts to all device sizes and orientations.   Export the completed forms as printable PDF documents which can also sent as email via workflow and stored in any DMS system.   PERFECT FOR ANY INDUSTRY Ideal for checklists, reports and forms in enterprises, industry, construction, field service, public authorities, emergency services, public safety and police, military forces, infrastructure, research, real estate, finance, environmental protection and healthcare.


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icomedias GmbH

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icomedias GmbH

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आपली एंटरप्राइझ डोमेन क्रेडेंशिअल्स वापरा
आपल्या डिव्हाइसवर उपलब्ध सॉफ्टवेअर आणि हार्डवेअर प्रमाणपत्रे वापरा


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