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Inouts is a simple clock in clock out/check in check out/log in log out system where employees can log in and log out from the which logs all location details to the system so that admins can track the location details ,time details of employees. This is very secure and user friendly app. Employees can use only one device to login due to security purpose. In case they want to change the device ,they can contact to admin,admins can easily do this. Employees can view their time cards. Admins can handle all operations like adding employee details,deleting employee details,updating employee details.Can also track clock in clock out times for each employee ,also for all employees.Payout system also included in this inouts app where payout is calculated depending on working hours. This app will really save time and money for an organization. Designed for businesses to reduce manual entry of timesheets, this app automatically creates staffs Time Clock with location details with many options. This is a free app.Employees can use always this app but for Admins-They can add upto 30 employees,for which they can track all details including payout details.We have paid version for this (INOUTs PRO).. It will work perfectly for multiple organizations/industries. Get the most from your workforce with this simple app to help track and verify employee attendance. Say goodbye to paper timesheets and manual paperwork. 24x7 support,For any queries support is always available here- greenbeeproductions@outlook.com Coming soon in next update- Admins can export more than 100 employees at a time by export from excel option. New UI. Exporting/importing all details will include vacation details. Posting events to the app by admins,So that employees can see any major announcements. Sending mails options.


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