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Update Minor bug fix. Keep track of borrowed and lent money. Add any entry within a few clicks. It has a very user-friendly interface along with lots of cool new features. This is free version of the premium app. Try it. Features of the full version are: • Pin a live tile for the app, and even for individual persons • Pay for a group and split easily • Easy entry (click currency notes and coins, instead of boring number typing) • Even customize your currency denominations • Smart assist: splits your group payment according to minimum currency denomination. • Never forget any transaction, add a photo to remember. • Also shows the location of a transaction on a map automatically • Set reminders to help you remember clear your debts • Directly contact the persons who owe you money to remind them • Assign an avatar for each person • See all transactions at one place (sort them) • Export to “.csv” format (open anywhere) • Import your back up data Don't forget to rate and review the app. We love to hear from you. Please send us feedback.


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Motion Cyphers

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Motion Cyphers

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