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* This app is not affiliated with Facebook Inc., in any way, it only allows access to your social networking account "Facebook." * Likebook is a light and fast option for you to access Facebook through your Windows devices. As a differential, we have the availability of various languages and settings through the settings menu, easily accessed through the bottom navigation bar, in the settings you will find options such as set the top navigation bar of Facebook, enable the dark theme, as well as the possibility To enable an internal browser for a much faster experience, avoiding the opening of the browser. Still as a differential, we emphasize our presence on all Windows devices, allowing a continuous experience through the Universal Platform of Windows. Get the Likebook now and let us know what you think by leaving your review, review or suggestion here in the Windows Store. Thank you.


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"Likebook" - Privacy Policy 1. This app is not affiliated with Facebook Inc., in any way, it only allows access to your social networking account "Facebook." 2. This application and its creators and publishers are not responsible for any other types of use of it. 3. If a user uses the application in a manner different from the way described in this document, the person responsible for this type of use is himself. 4. This application does not collect or transmit personally identifiable information from any user. No personal information is used, stored, protected or disclosed by the services with which this application works.

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