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Your brothers was infected. Your production line was stopped. You are a broken mechanism, that thrown away. In the hour of need someone brought you back to this dying world. And you feel overwhelming desire to rip the hand of these robot and install it to yourself. Shoot. Loot. Attach. Repeat. At your leisure you can save the dying world or become the ruler for the final decades of corruption. But who cares about the future, when you can attach that big gun to your spine. Become a Legend of DC-128b. At least for a while.



  • Build your own body, which fits your playstyle. Want mono-wheel instead of legs and four arms? Find blueprints and go!
  • Like an arm of enemy robot? Rip it off, buy blueprint and go!
  • Explore dying world. Many unique technologies are hidden there. Be careful though, somebody might have already found it and their intentions are not friendly.

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Flying Islands Team

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Flying Islands Team

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