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*********V1.3.0******** Fixed the crashing while choosing image from ablum. Having fun with it. *********V1.2.0******** Now You Can Set the Photo on Your Lock Screen Directly!!! wish you enjoy it. *********V1.1.0******** fixed some bugs and make it more fun enjoy it! *********V1.0.3********* If you are our loyal users,You may have noticed that we have a long time did not update this software. Because we have been unable to afford the cost of the update. This Update only have AD added. Please, Update and help us. *********V1.0.2********* 👍Perfect for WP8 Your Lumia will never crash again! ************************ [+]Lockscreen Style Feeling not enough while working with [+]Lockscreen? You want add something special to your wallpaper? A small portrait? Texts? So here comes the brother of [+]Lockscreen —— [+]Lockscreen Style! • You can easily combine Photos just using our 12 well designed templates. • With accessories and there're thousands of combinations, just imagine your own picture and draw it as you will. • Embeded Background pictures which help you get started easily. • Drag, rotation, scale, all under control with your fingers. • Every color, every word, is now an available option. • Say hello to your masterpiece, and share it to your friends with WindowsPhone, make them impresived for your design talen. Pick up and get started to [+]Lockscreen Sytle, make a picture, make your works.


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[+]Lockscreen Style वेबसाईट
[+]Lockscreen Style समर्थन

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