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As-Salamu Alaykum. Namaz Pro is Crafted for Windows 10, delivering a rich experience for Muslims worldwide. Install this app built specially for Windows 10 on your Desktop, Tablet, Mobile ! Get accurate prayer times in accordance to Islamic Rules & Regulations. Namaz pro incorporates 14 different conventions for Prayer Time Calculations(most on Windows Store). - Quran - Duas/Hisnul Muslim - Mecca Live Telecast - Azan Notifications. - Live Tiles for information about next Namaz. - Islamic Hijri Calendar & Islamic Festival Dates - Accurate Prayer Times with large number of settings available(angles) - Animated Qibla Compass for Phone/Tablet/Desktop(If your device doesn't support a compass, app still shows you the angle) - Mosques Nearby your saved location - 99 Names Of Allah complete with Audio recitation - Shahada - Halal Eateries Features Coming in Future Updates : - Quran Audio - Tasbih IMPORTANT NOTES : Namaz Pro has been thoroughly tested before release. If you feel it is giving you wrong times for Salat, This could be due to your incorrect Settings . Consult a Learned Person from the Community to determine your Settings, Or contact us on our Facebook Page. Please Follow Us Here for Updates and Requests : https://www.facebook.com/21developers/


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Disclaimer : The app is not responsible for damages or problems of any sort caused as it may have delivered some information wrong. Please verify information delivered on your own and use it at your own risk.

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