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PsychStar is an App that supports your mental health and well-being. PsychStar is developed and distributed by Starry Night Psychology, Australia. The content is provided by a Registered Clinical Psychologist. It bundles together real Psychological Practices targeting common psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression, sleep, parenting and addiction. It provides direction in suicide prevention. You can also access self-paced Psychological Programs that take you step by step through preventative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or a Sensate Focused Therapy for sex difficulties. They are explained and presented by a Clinical Psychologist in various formats; text for reading, audio for listening and video for watching. You can set and track goals and measures, and celebrate your progress posting on social media. PsychStar makes access to these psychological practices simpler. You can download and be working on your mental well-being in minutes. Each bundle is priced separately so you can chose the one(s) for you.


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Starry Night Psychology


Content owned by Starry Night Psychology.

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Starry Night Psychology, Australia.

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By using PsychStar you agree not to rely on PsychStar to overcome mental health difficulties. You also acknowledge PsychStar's strong advice to seek professional help for resolving mental health disorders and difficulties.

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