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Get started for the Glorious Ramadan month with this Ramadan 2017 app. It's a Fully Featured International Ramadan App. FEATURES: - This app is designed for all locations worldwide, - Complete Quran with 3 languages: Arabic, English, Bangla. (Requires Internet Connection), - Beautiful minimalist design, - Daily Salah times, - Ability to adjust Hijri date, - Ability to adjust Suhoor/Sehri & Iftar Times, - Set alerts for Suhoor/Sehri & Iftar, - Different alert options, - Lock Screen Notifications, - Live Tile, - See how many days you fasted, - Keep track of Ramadan activities, - Ramadan related topics to read, - Offline usable. ALL COUNTRIES SUPPORTED This app is designed for worldwide use. You can get the times of Suhoor or Sehri and Iftar from anywhere in the world. It can be of a great use while you are travelling. COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE Hijri date depends on the position of the Moon and so it can be vary upon different regions. If you think the Hijri date provided by your app is incorrect, you can easily adjust it with your area. You can also adjust the Suhoor and Iftar times, if needed. SET ALERTS FOR SUHOOR & IFTAR You can set alarms for Suhoor times and reminders for Iftar times. Also you can adjust the times of the alerts: Before 1 hour, Before 30 minutes, Before 15 minutes or At the time of the events. You can also change alert type and sound. LIVE TILE Live tile will show you the Suhoor and Iftar time of the corresponding day. LOCK SCREEN NOTIFICATION The app lets you choose different Ramadan based Lock Screen backgrounds. It also allows to show Suhoor & Iftar time on Lock Screen. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR RAMADAN ACTIVITIES Keep track of how many days you fasted, how many days you prayed Tarawih and how many number of juz you read. RAMADAN RELATED ARTICLES The app also contains Ramadan related Sahih Ahadith, Important Duas, Ramadan Sunnahs, Things that invalidate fast, etc. COMPLETELY OFFLINE You don't need to have an active internet connection to use this app. This app is completely offline. So what are you waiting for? Download now and get started with the Holy Ramadan month. Let me know how you feel about this app by reviewing. If you have any questions or problems or suggestions, feel free to email me anytime. Privacy policy: http://kingsnigdho.blogspot.com/2016/06/ramadan-2016-privacy-policy.html


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