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Ramadan Times is the first ever universal app for all the Muslims around the globe to celebrate the Holy Month with updated timings. This location-aware app lets you keep a track of prayer timings along with the reminder notifications. It also allows you to set several wallpapers for your desktop and lock screen. Along with these features, you can also read different quotations, hadiths and translation of Qur'anic verses and share with your friends over social networks and email. Ramadan Times brings a full package for Muslims where you can find out the nearest mosques around you and locate your qibla with the compass enabled devices. Zakat Calculator is another addon which allows you to calculate your zakat in authentic and easy way.


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This app is solely developed to facilitate all the Muslims around the globe. Therefore, you are allowed to share it with your friends, family and encourage them to use it as long as you're not doing it commercially.

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