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The ultimate guide to the safety in Playgrounds and recreational Sports areas! Safe to Play app is an electronic knowledgebase with smart tools about the safety in playgrounds and recreational sports areas. The information from standards and technical reports is presented with high quality visualizations and includes changes of requirements in past years plus reliable risk assessment from top experts of the field. Normative references for the information: - EN 1176:2018 Playground equipment and surfacing; all parts. - EN 1177:2018 Impact attenuating playground surfacing. - EN 15312:2010 Free access multi-sports equipment. - EN 14974:2018 Skateparks. - EN 16630:2015 Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment. - EN 16899:2016 Sports and recreational equipment — Parkour equipment. - EN 12572-2:2017 Artificial climbing structures. - EN 16579:2018 Playing field equipment — Portable and socketed goals. - TR 16467:2013 Playground equipment accessible for all children. - TR 16879:2016 Siting of Playground and other recreational facilities. - TR 17207:2018 Framework for the competence of playground inspectors. Content of the book application: 1. Introduction: - Value of play and recreational sports areas - Backgrounds of the requirements - Responsibilities 2. Safety management - Maintenance and inspection plans - Construction projects - Documentation 3. Technical production - Materials and connections - Structural integrity - Impact attenuation 4. Safety of equipment - General safety requirements - Safety of components - Safety of playground equipment - Safety of recreational sports equipment 5. Safety of layouts - Age range and capacity - Different types of areas - Impact areas - Ancillary items - Environmental conditions 6. Inspections & maintenance - Working as an inspector - Other safety related tasks - Maintenance 7. Risk assessment - Why risk assessment is needed - Anthropometric measurements - Risk assessment methods


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