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Scream Machine is a fun app that you can use to play pranks on your friends and family. Arm the phone and place it in a strategic location. Enjoy the laughs when the unsuspecting party triggers a scary sound from your phone! Configure many options such as randomizing pitch and sound played when armed, delay between armed sound repeats, armed movement sensitivy, timed countdown seconds, and whether to fade the screen out when armed. Scream Machine also allows you to record your own scream or scary sound, save it, and then play it back when armed. Lure sounds can be played at specified intervals to make someone more likely to pick up your phone! NEW trick page fools people into thinking they are taking an eye test. On the the third page a scary image will suddenly appear with a scream! Try connecting your phone to speakers for a stronger effect! v1.10 ----- Refactored movement detection so that it functions the same across all hardware. v1.9 ------ Trick page will now reset after the back key is pressed v1.8 ------ Added 6 new sounds v1.7 ------ Added sound detection as an armed mode v1.5 ------ Doubled the sensitivity level of movement detection for phones with less sensitive accelerometers. Sensitivity now defaults to 5, with 1 being the most sensitive setting. v1.4 ------ Increased the loudness of all screams to the maximum level without distortion Added a trick page which you can use to scare your friends v1.3 ------ Armed mode will continue to function when the phone is locked


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Scary Scream Machine Horror Prank गोपनियता धोरण
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Scream Machine Free may not be reversed engineered.

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