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Tank force is the best free online Tank game. Millions of players from around the world fighting on the best modern tanks. Tank Force combines two types of stunning gameplay: part of tank simulator game and thrilling arcade battles. So what are you waiting for? Forget about such boring things as racing, killing zombies and wasting time on clickers! Realistic online battles on heavy war machines and its modifications are available in Tank Force right now! Join the world of modern tank battles: - Cross-platform online PVP battles 7x7 - Fight till the total annihilation or capture the base - Upgrade and customize your own tank - Wide range of modern tanks and wheeled war machines - Realistic combat arenas that represent different geographical zones - Take several tanks into the battle - Play against the advanced AI and real players - Different types of armor zones Many players from around the world. Became a part of a growing community. Join online battles with your allies and fight for your country dominating all others. Play Tank Force for free, unlock new war machines, explore realistic arenas, enjoy the amazing graphics. Constantly updated content that includes technique, maps, missions, events, and much more. Everything for free and was created to let you enjoy fast and furious blitz battles. Complete, get and learn: - In-game events - Wide Tank types tree - Unique rewards for contributing to our community You'll get: - Realistic physics - Excellent graphics and sound - Destructible environments - Attention to details - Participation in the life of the project and the community - Brand-new solutions in the world of tank blitz battles - Ability to play on your PC and your phone Legendary tanks: T-64, Armata, Challenger, Abrams, T-90. Wide range of realistic maps from deadly swamps to center or London. The variety of real tanks from Russia, NATO or the Asian region. You can get all that in one game - Tank Force, a free online mobile tank shooter.


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Tank Force 3.9 Update New Tanks of the 11th level! New military vehicles are already available for research! Defeat your opponents on the brisk “Pesets”, the pragmatic “Panda” or the super heavy “Cheyenne” Revenge: Now the event of revenge on the enemy is displaying in the combat interface. Combat chat: Added combat chat to the game! Now you can coordinate your actions with the allies right during the battle! Quick command sets have also been changed. Hangar Chat: Now you can copy messages by clicking on it. Reworked AI: Now the bots have learned how to change Tanks and use consumables. Redesigned camouflage system: Eternal camouflages were removed from the game (sold to players at full cost), former eternal camouflages now have a duration and combat characteristics. Also, characteristics system of camouflages has been reworked. Added new unique camouflages. Incorrect end of the battle: Now, after the battle ends incorrectly and after the game re-login rewarding (and cancellation) for the actions performed in that battle will take place Battle ID: Now always displayed in the corner of the battle screen. Promo Codes: The game will soon be able to activate the rewarded promotional codes. Destroyed vehicles are now removed from the battlefield after some time. Kazakhstan flag added to stickers! 2 Battle Slots have been added Improved grip Other multiple bug fixes.


  • Realistic physics
  • Destructible environments
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to play on your PC and your phone
  • Wide Tank types tree
  • Cross-platform online PVP battles 7x7
  • Different types of armor zones

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