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Crossword game with a twist! This is a new word puzzle game created by Second Gear Games, the creator of Words with Sweets, Word Collapse, Archipelago and so many more... TwistCross is a unique and fun way to play crosswords without typing! The aim of the game is to find all scrambled words. With this game you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills. Do you enjoy word puzzle games? Do you like crosswords? Do you like challenge? Here comes the perfect game for you, TwistCross! HOW TO PLAY • Words can be vertical and horizontal. • Simply drag a letter with your finger and swap it with another letter. • Put all letters where they belong and move to the next word. Features: • No typing, more fun! • Discover hidden words from scrambled letters. • Play in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. • Over 300 unqiues puzzles. • Discover amazing landscapes from all around the world! • Great exercise for your brain. • Created for both phones and tablets. • NO TIME LIMIT - Enjoy the game anytime, anywhere and for as long as you like. • NO WIFI? - You can play offline. Enjoy this really unique word game - the result of a crossword game mixed with a text twist game! Fun game for the whole family from the creators of smart games for smart people!


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Maribou Inc


Second Gear Games

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22.58 MB

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आपल्या Microsoft खात्यात साइन इन असताना हा अनुप्रयोग मिळवा आणि आपल्या दहा पर्यंत Windows 10 डिव्हाइसेसवर स्थापित करा.

भाषा समर्थित

English (United States)
Français (France)
Deutsch (Deutschland)
Italiano (Italia)
Português (Brasil)
Русский (Россия)
Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional)

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TwistCross वेबसाईट
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