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Dreadful plague overwhelmed the eastern Empires. Here death isn't the end but only the beginning of transformation to aggressive monsters with iron hearts. In one of the Empires people learnt to fight with those dead monsters and protect the Empire's population. Mighty weapon and movement by special armored trains is the only way out for saving people. In Kabaneri Fighters - Death Locomotive game you are to control and protect one armored trains with passengers. ARMORED TRAIN WITH MIGHTY WEAPONS Control the armored train with passengers and warriors DANGEROUS ROUTE WITH MONSTERS ON THE WAY Drive through numerous stations and protect passengers WARRIORS WITH FIRE ARMS FOR PROTECTION Protect the train with the help of experienced shooters Remember that armored trains are also vulnerable, don't let monsters destroy the train's shield. Kabaneri Fighters - Death Locomotive Features: Mighty armored train to control; Hordes of dead monsters to destroy; Long rails way through the whole Empire; Powerful shooter warriors for protection. Save the population from the monster plague with Kabaneri Fighters - Death Locomotive game!


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Simulators Gear, LLC

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340.72 MB

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वय 7 व वरीलसाठी

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