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Updated for Windows 8.1! New designer brushes, new fonts and better performance. Words have been trapped in straight lines for too long...set your words free! wordBrush allows you to draw text freely on the screen, each letter following the trace of your finger as though you were painting with a brush. With support for over 200 fonts, 20 freeform brushes and the ability to import images, wordbrush becomes the perfect tool for creating unique photo captions, gorgeous desktop wallpaper and designer font layouts that would be nearly impossible on even high end image editing software. Break out of the textbox and set your words free! Testimonials: "I have to say that this has a lot for me and my facebook uploads. Great app and FREE! I haven't found anything like this for my ipad. Thanks to the developers my surface just keeps getting more fun to use." Patrick "Very simple to use and get stunning results." Olivier "Very fluid performing app that is great for fun little drawings or more serious compositions." Marco


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