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Wordinal is an addictive and exciting word puzzle game where you see how many words you can make in 2 minutes from a grid of 16 letters. Every time you make a word, you will score points based on the length and complexity of the word and the grid will be updated with new letters. You can even mix things up a little… Shake your device to replace all the letters in the grid at once. Become the global ‘Wordinal’ champion! Dictionaries: English Spanish French German Feedback: Send us your feedback and ideas and we’ll happily consider them for future updates. Update 1.5 - Updated English Dictionary - Added 6 New Achievements Update 1.6 - Upgraded project to Mango (at last!) - Upgraded to OpenXLive 0.97 - Fast app switching - Share your scores on facebook, twitter and other social networks Update 1.7 - Bug fixes - Added 1 new achievement Update 1.8 - Bug fixes - Minor UI enhancements Update 1.9 - Updated to OpenXLive - Updated Main Menu UI Update 2.0 - Removed OpenXLive leaderboards and achievement system in preparation for future developments Full update history can be found on www.shuboarder.co.uk


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