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A big room, lots of scrap materials available, toy cars and much spare time. Guess what we are going to do now? Yes, we are going to build the very cool roads with blocks, ruler bridges, and rubber trampolines. And of course, we'll launch our toy cars to check road reliability. This brings back memories of childhood, isn't it? Road builders, let's go! Use available scrap materials; Connect them to make a road; Make sure that all elements work properly; Launch a car and watch it drives! Remember that you have only several attempts and a certain amount of building points to place all elements of your road correctly. Give careful thought to each your step to win the level and to become a true road builder! Who cares that these roads are toy. Are you ready to...? Remember one of the best activities of your childhood; Play with a variety of toy cars models; Build incredible roads from scrap materials; Feel the true surge of adrenaline from this ordinary child's game. Then enter the room and let's play!

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