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The best mobile entertainment now comes in the shape of new dot to dot games made for all logical puzzle games lovers out there! Test your puzzle solving skills and yet have lots of fun with new Draw Lines game! Connect the dots of the same color with lines, but be careful not to overlap or cross them otherwise, you lose! You must also complete each level on time, draw lines by connecting dots before the time runs out! Download this fun connect dots game free and test your logical skills on the go! Both puzzle amateurs and pros are invited to play dot games because they promise hours and hours of fun! Check out this fun connect the dots game that that will keep you busy for a long time! Find the path to match the dots in a grid and become the best puzzle solver ever! Fun with this connect dots game never stops! Whatever your age is, play dot games because no one should miss this awesome game! If you want to play games that are fun yet challenging, this Draw Lines game is the game for you! Keep your brain sharp, work on your mental skills and forget about boredom, start connecting the dots now! Wait no more, hurry up and download the best Draw Lines game, because someone has to match the dots before it’s too late! Play amazing dot to dot games, have fun and improve your mental skills! Logical puzzle games are waiting for you, check them out now! Warm up your fingers and get ready, it’s time to draw the line!

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  • cool addictive game
  • easy to play
  • a lot of interesting levels
  • it's completely free
  • fantastic fun is guaranteed

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