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Build. Expand. Repeat and enjoy game Idle City Empire! The possibilities are plenty for the diligent entrepreneur in this exhilarating clicker game. Earn money to unlock new establishments and expand your business all over town. The more you build, the more you make! Great fit for all players Taps to Riches , cookie clicker , SimCity BuildIt or adventure capitalist , Cash, Inc. Money Clicker and Idle City Empire !! City riches await a tap tycoon! Tapping for money is the business with high profit and passive income - tap your city business empire as true capitalist. Riches of Tap Tap City Clicker are countless, make profit of it. Increase income of tapping empire to be the richest city capitalist. Tap the profit out of your business, tycoon! Welcome to Idle Tycoon City Building Sim — a Idle simulator of a capitalist life! From modest traditional bakeries to huge shopping malls, you’ll discover many kinds of monopoly-friendly businesses and make them flourish in different cities. The sky is the limit for your towering ambitions! Get started with hotdog kiosk and keep developing other businesses. Discover beautiful cities and establish new businesses to conquer them! Invest in every new business to make you richer! Invest your money. Good clicker capitalist knows how to spend. Boost your business, hire tapping empire managers. The more of business you buy, the more money you get, tycoon. A capitalist makes profit and income of investment. Invest into business empire for tapping income. Spend money - get money, that’s how you make profit in the city, tycoon. Reach riches, make money. Go, tycoon, build a city business empire! It’s easy - invest money, buy business with income, make tapping profit! Capitalist makes money with his empire, in our city tapping will do. Reach riches no matter what - make profit with tapping, business empire in the city ruled by tapping is at your service, tycoon! Clicker capitalist paradise with income - that’s Tap Tap City Clicker! Become a clicker capitalist and make money and profit of tapping business empire in Tap Tap City Clicker! HIGHLIGHTS -Buy new establishments and make them grow to earn more money! -Expand your business to three different themed cities, each with their own unique style of buildings! There’s no boundaries for monopoly! -Be industrious: click on your establishments to make them more productive! The citizens are counting on you to supply their demands! A once in a lifetime chance to make all those big entrepreneuring dreams come true. There'll never be a shortage of citizens willing to work on your traditional companies, so pick up your suitcase and hard hat and start building your business empire! Become a Clicker capitalist and the city !! Download Idle City Empire for free to get to know a tycoon life!

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