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In space no one can hear you drift... Orbital Racer is a racing simulator set in space. It combines the freedom of movement of 6DOF space simulators with the thrills of racing. The game offers two game modes: ACTION This mode is all about fast, satisfying gameplay. Just jump into the cockpit and use your speed and available powerups, including explosive missiles and mines to beat your opponents. SPLIT-SCREEN Travel through the depths of space and race against a friend by sharing the screen in local gameplay. Two pads, two spaceships and only one person to win. Which of you will be better at intergalactic rivalry? Other main features of the game: - 8 distinct locations, all based on real places in our Solar System - a total of 24 tracks - 3 different ship models, each with additional 3 variants - a challenging yet flexible AI - custimizable races - a compelling career mode

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March 2021 - ver. Fixes: - general bug fixes - optimization improvement - fixed major issues in career mode - fixed an issue that occassionally caused crashes on the xbox one and xbox one s

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