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Sniper 3D Assassin tells the story of a deadly army sniper squad, involving a sniper shooter and a spotter, in the no man's land, carrying out covert strikes and hitting the enemy where it hurts most! Live the legend and become a part of history in making, embark on a dangerous mission, lurking behind enemy lines, as shadows, waiting for the best moment to strike! Unlike conventional sniper shooter games, Sniper 3D Assassin requires strategy, wit, courage and teamwork; listen closely on your intercom, wait for your spotter to tell you when to strike! The moment he tells you, you are free to fire. Be sure to aim at the proper target, missing the target will result in a mission failure and your spotter will be exposed, leading to his death and yours eventually! The helicopter will take you to your mission site along with your spotter comrade, you two will journey together into the heart of the enemy territory! You say your good byes because these missions are neigh impossible! As a sniper shooter, you take up your position on high ground. Let the spotter serve as your eyes and ears, he gives you the location of the next target! Be quick to send them to their graves because the spotter is exposed the moment he tells you the location of the enemies! Missing the shot will sound the alarm and your position will be exposed, so get ready for a full out attack, something you can't bear! Sniper 3D Assassin Game Features: - Unreal 3D Visuals - Outstanding Graphic Effects - Realistic Physics Engine with Sniper Rifle Simulation - Addictive/Immersive Game Play - Outstanding Sound Effects - Intercom Communication between Spotter and Sniper Shooter - Strategic Shooting Required in Order to Progress - Multiple Levels with Increasing Difficulty - HD Graphics, Self-Optimizing for all Devices - Easy to use Controls - Non-Real Animations Sniper 3D Assassin is a free game on the Store, brought to you by SparkTrigger Studios! Like us on Facebook at: Give us your feedback on Sniper 3D Assassin at:

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  • - Realistic 3D HD Graphics
  • - Multiple Unique Sniper Missions
  • - Addictive Storyline
  • - Realistic Sniper Simulation
  • - Ambush & Rescue Missions
  • - Helicopter & Airtrooper Missions
  • - Amazing Animations

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