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You will never need another Sudoku puzzle puzzle game with Sudoku INFINITE+! Play thousands of classic Sudoku puzzles! You will never run out of Sudoku boards to play! Challenge yourself with 6 different difficulties of Sudoku Puzzles: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Evil! Sudoku puzzle difficulties are graded based on human Sudoku strategies so pick a difficulty and play! Use notes to pencil in numbers you think could occupy cells on the Sudoku puzzle board! Place numbers and notes will automatically remove themselves revealing clues to the placement of numbers in other cells! Stuck on a difficult puzzle? Use a hint to place a number on the selected cell! Solve puzzles to win more hints! Sudoku INFINITE+ keeps track of you performance and gives you statistics on how fast you solve Sudoku puzzles. Check how many puzzle boards you have solved and try to beat you best time! You will never want to go back to pen and paper Sudoku puzzles again! Increase your Sudoku skills, learn expert strategies, and become a Sudoku Master! Play Now! 👍 No advertising, No collection of personal data and no Internet required, Just pure Puzzle Solving Fun! Sudoku INFINITE+ comes with Xbox controller Support on PC. PC : - [ Mouse ] - [ Keyboard ] : Using arrows to move the cursor and Space bar to Select and Submit. - [ Controller ] : Left Stick to control the Cursor Button A to Select and Submit. and Button X to Go Back & Exit. Xbox : - [ Controller ] : Left Stick to control the Cursor A Button to Select and Submit X To Go Back Tablets and Other devices : - Touch Screen Supported.

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  • ✓ Thousands of unique Sudoku puzzles to play!
  • ✓ 6 difficulty levels so anyone can enjoy playing and solving Sudoku puzzles!
  • ✓ Hints to use to get you out of a difficult situation!
  • ✓ Solve puzzles and be awarded more Hints!
  • ✓ Statistics to show you how many Sudoku puzzles you solved and your best times!
  • ✓ Beautiful Light and Dark UI themes
  • ✓ Unlimited Undo for when you make silly mistakes!
  • ✓ Auto-remove notes when numbers are placed on the puzzle!
  • ✓ Highlight incorrect numbers to help you solve puzzles!
  • ✓ INFINITE Unique Puzzles!
  • ✓ Universal App looks great on PC, Phones and Xbox
  • 👍 No advertising, No collection of personal data and no Internet required, Just pure Puzzle Solving Fun!

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