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Microsoft Systems Journal — 2000 Index

Many past issues of MSJ are still available. To order online click here.

February 2000 — Vol 15 No 2

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Handle Logons in Windows NT And Windows 2000 with Your Own Logon Session Broker
You can create a "logon session broker" to launch processes into arbitrary window stations and desktops with any user's logon credentials. We bring together our cmdasuser utility and the concepts you need to build your own logon session broker.
Keith Brown
Construct Your E-commerce Business Tier the Easy Way With XML, ASP, and Scripting
Forget COM for the middle layer of your n-tier e-commerce app. Instead, build your business layer with ASP, XML, and scripting. We'll show you how to use these technologies to develop a powerful, multitier site that interacts with third-party vendors.
Dave Cohen
It's Simple to Build PerfMon Support into Your Apps With A Little Help from COM
PerfMon in Windows NT is not just for monitoring system resources. Using a COM server and a single DLL, you can painlessly hook up multiple apps to PerfMon and access a whole new level of resource management and debugging.
Ken Knudsen
Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia discusses a new function in Windows 2000, GetLastInputInfo, which holds information about that last events the system handled. With it you can determine how long the system has been idle, and what the last events were.
Paul DiLascia
Visual Programmer
It turns out you can write COM components with scripting languages. This month George Shepherd shows you how the Windows Script Components (WSC) let you package scripts for use as COM components.
George Shepherd
This month Jim Finnegan looks at the Driver Verifier, a kernel-mode addition introduced in Windows 2000 that's aimed directly at developers, providing operating-system-level support for testing, debugging, and stressing kernel-mode drivers.
Jim Finnegan
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek introduces DelayLoadProfile, which helps you determine which DLLs are good candidates for DelayLoad by reporting how often a DLL is called, by which applications, and other pertinent data.
Matt Pietrek

January 2000 — Vol 15 No 1

CODE MSJJan00 (1,173,539 Bytes)

Use Application Center or COM And MTS for Load Balancing Your Component Servers
Of all the servers in your cluster, the one that is the least busy should respond to a client component request. You can load balance the use of your COM objects when Microsoft Application Center is released­-or you can get started today with COM and MTS.
Timothy Ewald
Visual Basic Design Time Techniques to Prevent Runtime Version Conflicts
Compatibility issues can be a nightmare when components written in different versions of Visual Basic won't work together. Understanding the Visual Basic compatibility scheme and Interface Definition Language will help you cope.
Brian A. Randell and Ted Pattison
Active Directory Doesn't Just Manage Network Resources, It Can Manage Your Data Too
You thought Active Directory services was just for managing network resources. But in reality you can use Active Directory services to store static data in a hierarchical manner, just like the files or folders on your hard drive.
Shawn Wildermuth
Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
C++ Q&A
Paul Dilascia describes how to use CHtmlView to display HTML in a dialog and addresses a common problem of accessing Data Access Objects from C++ with MFC.
Paul DiLascia
Win32 Q&A
Jeffrey Richter introduces the four levels of opportunistic locks that Windows 2000 supports.
Jeffrey Richter
This month John Robbins completes last month's discussion on WinDBG by showing how to extend WinDBG with custom commands, called WinDBG extensions.
John Robbins
House of COM
In this month's column, Don Box discusses the emerging use of XML as a component technology.
Don Box

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