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Microsoft® Visio® Version 2002 Step by Step
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Pages 304
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Published 09/12/2001
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Chapter 7: Laying Out Office Space continued

Importing Logos and Other Pictures

Although Visio includes hundreds of shapes as well as several drawing tools, sometimes you simply need an image that was created in a different program. You can import a picture—that is, a graphic file—into Visio whether or not you have the application that created the original image. For example, you can import a corporate logo to add it to an existing diagram. Visio can import most of the standard graphic file formats, including popular Web formats such as GIF (Graphic Interchange Format), JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group), and PNG (Portable Network Graphics). So there's almost certainly a format that Visio and the graphics application have in common.

There are two ways to import pictures:

  • When you use Visio as a picture editing tool, you can use the Open command on the File menu to open the file, which creates a drawing page with a picture on it.
  • When you want to add a picture to an existing drawing file, you can use the Picture command on the Insert menu.

Most of the time, you insert pictures into existing drawings. The Picture dialog box can even help you locate the correct file, because it can display a preview (sometimes called a thumbnail) of the picture. After you insert a picture, you can edit it somewhat—you can size, position, and crop the picture, which means to cut out portions you don't want to see. You can also format picture properties to change a picture's brightness, sharpness, and other qualities that affect appearance. Visio includes a new Picture command on the Format menu that even previews your changes before you apply them. Another new option that adds visual interest to imported pictures and shapes is transparent colors. By making your picture slightly or very transparent, shapes underneath show through.

You can import files of the following formats in Visio.

File FormatFile Extension
Adobe Illustrator File
Compressed Enhanced Metafile.emz
Computer Graphics Metafile.cgm
Corel Clipart Format.cmx
CorelDRAW! Drawing File Format.cdr
Encapsulated PostScript.eps
Enhanced Metafile.emf
Graphics Interchange Format.gif
IGES Drawing File Format.igs
JPEG File Interchange Format.jpg
Macintosh Picture File Format.pct
Micrografx Designer Version 3.1 File Format.drw
Micrografx Designer Version 6 File Format.dsf
Portable Network Graphics.png
Tag Image File Format.tif
Windows Bitmap.eps and .dib
Windows Metafile.wmf
ZSoft PC Paintbrush Bitmap.pcx

In this exercise, you insert a GIF file of The Garden Company logo into an existing office layout diagram. You start by opening a sample drawing, OfficeLogo. After inserting the logo, you format the picture properties just for fun to make the logo transparent.

  1. On the Standard toolbar, click the Open button to display the Open dialog box.
  2. Navigate to SBS\Visio\OfficeLayout on your hard disk, and then double-click OfficeLogo.
  3. Visio opens an office layout diagram and displays the five office layout stencils.

  4. On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click From File.
  5. The Insert Picture dialog box appears.

  6. Navigate to SBS\Visio\OfficeLayout on your hard disk, and then click TGC Logo.gif.
  7. A preview of the picture appears to the right.

    Click to view graphic
    Click to view graphic

  8. Click Open.
  9. Visio inserts the logo for The Garden Company in the middle of the page. The logo is selected.

  10. Drag the logo graphic to the upper right corner of the drawing page.
  11. Your screen should look similar to the figure on the following page.

    Click to view graphic
    Click to view graphic

  12. On the Standard toolbar, click the Zoom down arrow, and then click 100% to zoom in to see the logo.
  13. Drag a corner selection handle toward the logo's center to reduce the logo to approximately half its original size.
  14. The logo graphic remains selected.

  15. On the Format menu, click Picture.
  16. The Picture dialog box appears and displays a preview of the logo graphic.

    Click to view graphic
    Click to view graphic

  17. Drag the Transparency slider to the right until the box indicates 50%.
  18. The preview displays the logo graphic at 50% transparency.

  19. Click OK.
  20. Visio makes the logo graphic transparent so that the grid shows through.

    Click to view graphic
    Click to view graphic

  21. On the Standard toolbar, click the Save button.
  22. Visio saves the changes to your drawing.

  23. On the File menu, click Exit.
  24. Visio closes.

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