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Creating Dynamic Presentations with Streaming Media
Author Matt Lichtenberg and Jim Travis
Pages 352
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Int/Adv
Published 12/12/2001
ISBN 9780735614369
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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1  What is Microsoft Producer? 3
    What Can I Do with Microsoft Producer?3
    Working with Microsoft Producer4
        Getting Content into Microsoft Producer4
        Editing in Microsoft Producer5
        Synchronizing Your Presentation6
        Previewing Your Presentation6
        Publishing Your Presentation7
    What Other Software Works with Microsoft Producer? 7
    What Hardware Can I Use with Microsoft Producer? 7
        Video Capture Devices8
        Audio Capture Devices8
    Your Presentation: the Final Product8
    Understanding Windows Media Technologies9
        Streaming Media9
        Windows Media Tools9
    How Is Microsoft Producer Different from PowerPoint? 11
    Usage Scenarios for Microsoft Producer11
        Creating Business-to-business Communications12
        Creating Internal Corporate Communications13
        Creating Training Events14
        Creating Sales and Marketing Presentations16
CHAPTER 2  The Microsoft Producer User Interface17
    Using the Menus17
        File Menu18
        Edit Menu20
        View Menu21
        Tools Menu23
        Clip Menu25
        Play Menu26
        Help Menu28
    Using the Toolbar28
    Using the Tabs29
        The Media Tab29
        The Table of Contents Tab32
        The Preview Presentation Tab33
    Using the Timeline34
        The Timeline Tools35
        The Timeline Display36
        The Timeline Tracks36
CHAPTER 3  Creating an Engaging Presentation41
    Planning Your Presentation41
        Considering Your Audience42
        Determining the Purpose of Your Presentation42
        Considering Time Constraints42
        Considering Budgetary Constraints43
        Scheduling Your Presenter43
    What Makes an Engaging and Effective Presentation? 44
        Guidelines for the Speaker44
        Using Digital Media in Your Presentation48
    Tips for Video Screen Captures51
CHAPTER 4  Setting up Hardware and Software55
    Video Formats55
    Video Sources57
        Video Cameras57
        Web Cameras58
        Analog or DV VCRs58
        Satellite or Cable TV58
    Broadcasting Standards59
    Understanding Capture Devices60
        Video Interfaces60
        Video Capture Devices64
        Audio Sources66
    Configuring Capture Devices66
        Device Driver Software67
        Connecting Video Capture Devices67
CHAPTER 5  Preparing to Record Digital Media73
    Planning the Video in Your Presentation73
    Choosing a Recording Site75
    Choosing Recording Accessories77
    Preparing an Office for Recording80
        Improving Sound82
        Choosing a Background83
    Creating a Presentation Plan85
        Creating a Basic Script85
        Using Storyboards85
        Rehearsing the Presentation86
CHAPTER 6  Recording High-quality Audio and Video89
    Video and Computers89
        How Codecs Work90
        Bandwidth Considerations91
    Recording Video92
        Basic Recording Steps92
        Common Video Camera Features93
        Advanced Features and Effects94
        Some Basic Shots96
        Setting up Shots97
        Recording Video to Edit100
    Recording High-quality Audio101
CHAPTER 7  Starting a New Presentation105
    Using the New Presentation Wizard105
        Choosing a Presentation Scheme108
        Entering Information About Your Presentation111
        Using PowerPoint Slides or Still Images113
        Synchronizing Slides—Now or Later116
        Completing the Wizard116
        Synchronizing Slides and Still Images117
    Starting a New, Empty Project 119
        Importing Digital Media Files120
        Saving Your Project124
        Saving Project Archives—Pack and Go124
CHAPTER 8  Capturing Video, Audio, and Still Images129
    Before You Begin Capturing Content129
    Starting the Capture Wizard131
        Starting the Capture Wizard through the New Presentation Wizard131
        Starting the Capture Wizard through the Tools Menu132
    Using the Capture Wizard133
        Narrating Slides with Video and Audio135
        Capturing Video and Audio141
        Capturing Still Images from Video145
        Capturing Images from Your Computer Screen146
        Capturing Video from Your Computer Screen148
    Understanding Capture Settings151
        Considerations for Choosing Capture Settings153
    Choosing Video and Audio Devices154
CHAPTER 9  Editing on the Timeline161
    Working with the Media Tab162
    Adding Files to the Timeline163
        Creating Clips from Video Files163
        Determining Where Files Are Added on the Timeline164
        Setting Default Durations for Digital Media Files166
        Adding Web Links167
        Adding Templates to the Timeline168
        Removing Files from the Timeline168
    Editing Video and Audio169
        Trimming Video and Audio169
        Splitting Files and Clips170
        Combining Clips171
        Adding Video Transitions171
        Adding Video Effects173
        Moving and Copying Files on the Timeline174
    Working with Audio175
        Using Audio Effects175
        Normalizing Audio on the Timeline175
        Adjusting Audio Levels176
    Editing the Table of Contents176
    Creating or Editing the Introduction Page178
    Previewing Presentations179
        Setting Security Zones for Previewing179
    Editing a Project182
CHAPTER 10  Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations in Producer193
    Using Slides in Your Presentations193
    Using PowerPoint to Edit Slides in Producer194
        When to Edit Slides195
        Inserting Images in Slides195
    Editing Imported Slides in PowerPoint196
    Using the Microsoft Producer PowerPoint Add-in199
        Working with Slide Timings200
        Understanding Add-in Security Issues201
    Using Slide Animations and Transitions203
        Using Time-based Animations204
        Using On-click Animations204
        Viewing Slide Animations in Producer206
    Video and Audio in PowerPoint Slides207
CHAPTER 11  Publishing Your Presentation209
    Understanding the Publishing Process209
        Files Published by Microsoft Producer210
        Understanding Servers210
        Selecting a Publishing Profile214
        Publishing with E-services216
    Using the Publish Wizard218
        Publishing to My Computer218
        Publishing to a CD224
        Publishing to My Network Places229
        Publishing to a Web Server233
    Understanding Presentation Playback240
        Specifying a Profile for Presentation Playback241
        Using Other Playback Parameters242
CHAPTER 12  Customizing Producer Templates247
    Template Basics247
        CSS Selectors and Properties247
        Template Naming and Styles249
        Choosing a Presentation Template250
    Getting Started251
        Naming a Presentation Template253
    Customizing a Presentation Template254
        Customizing Background Images255
        Customizing the Media Player261
        Working with Slides266
        Customizing HTML Display 269
        Customizing the Table of Contents271
CHAPTER 13  Customizing Your Presentations275
    Opening Web Content in a New Window275
    Customizing CD AutoPlay276
        Creating a New Scan.hta File277
        Editing an Existing Scan.hta File278
    Getting a Jump Start on a Presentation282
    Creating a Microsoft PowerPoint Template283
    Annotating Slides for Your Presentation285
    Switching Published Video Files287
    Copying a Published Presentation288
CHAPTER 14  Creating Custom Publishing Solutions291
    Customizing Registry Keys292
    Custom Publishing with E-services299
    Displaying a Custom Publish Wizard303
    Building a Simple E-service305
    Making Your E-service Public312
    Taking the Next Step316
About the Authors331

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