Jan 28th - Feb 1st 2019
Redmond, Microsoft HQ


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What is LEAP?

LEAP is the program for software architects and developers who are seeking the best possible professional training, delivered from Microsoft in our headquarters in Redmond, WA.

LEAP gives you a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies and the relationship between these technologies and business challenges. Microsoft’s vision, mission, strategy and roadmap are also part of the program.

The program covers holistically why, how and when to deploy the different technologies with all the theory behind it.

LEAP Nordic is available for organizations in the Nordics and Europe.

Who is it for?

LEAP is aimed at software architects and developers, delivering solutions for an enterprise, an ISV or as a consultant. With a broad focus on technology, LEAP will extend your knowledge of working with Microsoft’s technologies, although prior knowledge of Microsoft’s software portfolio is not required.

The program will give you the breadth of knowledge required by today's architects to deliver robust, secure and scalable solutions. It is founded on well-documented patterns and practices.

Why should you come?

LEAP provides an arena for questions and dialogue with some of the best speakers, engineers and program managers that Microsoft can provide.

A unique opportunity to visit Microsoft HQ campus in Redmond.

Value for money: Five days of guided architecture-focused topics that enable you to deliver tomorrow's solutions, today.

A great chance of getting to know the people behind the products at Microsoft. Learn who we are and what we can do for you, making the threshold for reaching out to us lower.


The price covers training material, speaker fees and catering. In Redmond, the LEAP program covers transportation from Hyatt Regency to Redmond campus and back, breakfast, lunch and welcoming and closing dinner.

Flights and accommodations for the Redmond trip are not included.

As part of the LEAP program, we have partnered with the hotel Hyatt Regency, Bellevue to offer you a discounted price for your stay.

The total program fee is 2 500 USD. *Due to different currencies accross the Nordic countries, the program is charged in USD.


LEAP January 2018

Mark Russinovich
Chief Technology Officer of Azure

Uli Homann
Distinguished Architect

Scott Hunter
Director of Program Management

Amir Netz
Technical Fellow

Justin Bronder
Principal Strategy SDE

Vittorio Bertocci
Principal Program Manager


LEAP January 2018

Day 1 - Monday 22nd of January 2018
Topic of the day: Building for the Cloud

Tenancy & Multitenancy
Neeraj Joshi
What is multitenancy? In this talk you'll learn what common patterns are for building multitenant solutions. All the way from a security perspective through resource optimization and all the way down to data and how to deal with segregation per tenant. Learn about the myths and facts.

Rising Cloud Trends

Mark Russinovich

Mark will present key cloud technology trends that are changing every business, including serverless, IoT, AI/ML, blockchain and more. In addition to describing where they are heading, he will share and demonstrate Azure’s unique perspectives and offerings to show you how to leverage them.
Matthew Kerner
 Transparency, immutability, append-only, smart contracts - some of the traits you'll find in Blockchain. Blockchain can play an important part of your architecture and data strategies moving forward. Learn more about what it is, Microsoft’s offerings on it and how it could fit in with things like GDPR.
11:45-13:00LUNCH / TOUR
Identity and access - Security build on latest framework
Vittorio Bertocci
Providing a proper authentication mechanism and then having a good authorization scheme is critical for any application. In this talk you'll learn more about how this all works and deeper on how it is implemented in code for your solution.
Cross Platform - open source commitment
(Why we are doing it, how)
Scott Hunter
With .NET Core and the .NET Standard, Microsoft has done a major commitment to open source. Looking at GitHub alone, Microsoft is one of the largest contributors to open source. In this talk you'll get an understanding of why Microsoft doing this, and why is this important?
Messaging deep dive
Dan Rosanova

Day 2 - Tuesday 23rd of January 2018
Topic of the day: Deploying for the cloud

8:15-9:15Azure Strategy
Ulrich Homann
Azure was first released in preview back at PDC 2008. Since then it has grown and a lot of changes in strategy. Learn more about the history and Microsoft thoughts around Azure and where it is heading for the future.
9:30-10:30You need to optimize the way you develop. Our journey to 1 Engineering System
Sam Guckenheimer
Learn about Microsoft’s own journey from "traditional development" to a modern contiuously delivering organization. How did we go about changing mindsets and putting in place processes and tools to help us get there
10:45-11:45Containers, docker, kubernetes
Brendan Burns
Microsoft has a big bet on containers and cooperates closesly with Docker to bring the best of this to Windows and Linux. Learn about all the different container opportunities in Azure and how you can take advantage it and how you make it your packaging and deployment strategy.
11:45-13:00LUNCH / TOUR
13:00-14:00Service fabric
Mark Fussell
Service Fabric, Microsoft mature orchestration engine for large scale compute has been running for years. Learn more about how you can leverage Service Fabric for your solutions and how this could be an important architectural piece of your puzzle. Also learn more about the cross platform opportunities that has been brought into it and also the container support. Concrete issues like service discovery and versioning strategies are important aspects when deploying software, learn more about that in this talk.
Abel Wang
One of the most important aspects of developing software is to have a good process for building and releasing it. Microsoft has always focused on productivity, in this talk you'll learn about the different tools that Microsoft offers to support your DevOps processes - across multiple platforms and integrations with 3rd parties as well.
15:30-16:30App Services - new function model and logic App
Nir Mashkowski
With Cloud Services, PaaS was the only compute offering in Azure when it was introduced. App Service is an evolution of this and is a comprehensive offering. Learn more about the possibilities in App Services from a developer all the way through deployment and release management. New cross platform functionalities and also with Functions and logic apps to make you and your company as productive as possible.


Day 3 - Wednesday 24th of January 2018
Mini masterclasses day

8:15-11:45End to end Devops
Abel Wang
DevOps is a mindset and starts with people organized around processes. In addition, you need good tooling. In this mini masterclass, you'll learn about how you can do this end to end with a deep dive on concrete implementations and tooling supporting it.
10:00-11:45Session continues
End to end Devops
Abel Wang
11:45-13:00LUNCH / TOUR
13:00-14:45Picking the right building-block
Telmo Sampaio
In this mini masterclass, you'll learn about the possibilities you have for building and deploying to the cloud. This is a deep dive with the different options and shows concrete demos of how it all fits together.
15:00-17:00Session continues
Picking the right building-block
Telmo Sampaio


Day 4 - Thursday 25th of January 2018
Topic of the day: Adding business value

8:15-9:15Secure Code
Barry Dorrans
The code beyond vulnerability. Azure security center. Hear some fascinating stories about security issues, and the code that caused them.
9:30-10:30IoT - IoT edge
Arjmand Samuel
In Azure, you'll find different options for IoT and recently there has been done an investment in providing capabilities all the way to the edge. Learn more about this and also learn more about how patterns from the IoT space could fit very well with other types of solutions as well.
10:45-11:45Cognitive Services, Bots
Luis Cabrera - Cordon
How can you provide additional smarts to your applications. In this session, you'll get a deep dive on what Microsoft has to offer in the cognitive space and how you can leverage these services in your solutions including how you can build your own bots to help automate parts of your business.
13:00-14:30Artificial Intelligence
Justin Bronder
The space of AI is growing. Learn more about Microsoft’s commitment to this, what tools are available and you can hit the ground running with Azure ML Studio, but also how you can go deeper.
14:45-15:45Why SQL is probably not what you want
James Serra
SQL is often the default choice, not because it is always the right choice for a particular solution. In a modern application you should be thinking about what is best for the given scenario. You'll learn about all the different options and when to use which solution.
16:00-17:00Power BI
Patrick Baumgartner
Insight into your businesses data can help you optimize your business. Power BI can really help you gain that insight. With the service constantly expanding, you'll get an overview of how you can leverage it and also from an ISV perspective, how can you embed it directly into your solutions.


Day 5 - Friday 26th of January 2018
Mini masterclasses day

8:15-11:45Machine Learning & Advance analytics
Henry Jerez
Ranvijay Kumar
In this mini masterclass, you'll learn more about how you can process data going through your system and how can gain insight into it through Machine Learning and Advanced analytics.
10:00-11:45Session continues
Machine Learning & Advance analytics
Henry Jerez
Ranvijay Kumar
13:00-14:45Identity Masterclass
Vittorio Bertocci
There is a lot of things to consider when dealing with identity and security. In this masterclass, you'll get a deep dive on how Azure AD can be leveraged, how it can play a role to provide a single sign on experience for web & mobile apps, and to gain access to API - such as the Microsoft Graph or your own.
15:00-17:00Session continues
Identity Masterclass
Vittorio Bertocci


*Content may change due to speaker’s availability and new technology announcements

LEAP Quotes

"One of the best parts of LEAP is the networking and the opportunities to meet the people behind the products we use daily. As an architect you leave LEAP with knowledge, new contacts and inspiration to build the best systems for the future."


Niall Merrigan, LEAP participant, Capgemini

Participating at the LEAP Program gave me a more thorough understanding of the solutions and technologies that are available. I now know who to contact and where to find the particular information about all the newest tools and technologies that are available. Participating in LEAP has given me new tools and processes, as well as insights into how to deploy them to deliver maximum value for my company and the team. I am already looking truly forward attending LEAP 2018.


Kåre Seest Rasmussen, Leas Data Architect, DONG Energy

“The LEAP program gives us a remarkable opportunity to be in front on Microsoft technology. LEAP have succeeded in creating a forum where you connect with Microsoft product experts and fellow software architects from other industries. eSmart Systems have gained great value from participating in LEAP and will continue to send participants to the program.”


Erik Åsberg, CTO eSmart Systems AS

The team

Agenda Committee


John Henrik Andersen
ISV Lead

Björn Eriksen
Technical Evangelist Manager - Nordics

Einar Ingebrigtsen
Principal Technical Evangelist

Olav Tollefsen
Principal Technical Evangelist

Jani Nevalainen
Senior Technical Evangelist

Ronny Hansen
Senior Technical Evangelist

The organizer


Maritsa Sarri
LEAP Project Manager

Maritsa started working with the LEAP program in June 2016. Make sure you follow her on twitter if you want to be updated on the new announcements about LEAP or anything around it. She will be happy to answer any question you might have about the LEAP program.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maritsa-sarri-04a75268/
Twitter: @MaritsaSarri
Email: a-masarr@microsoft.com

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If you have any questions about the LEAP program contact us at leap-program@microsoft.com