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Databot is the virtual talking robot! It answers with its voice to your requests upon topic you are interested in. Apps and services integrated to modules in its memories give back to you images, search services and multimedia presentations. Use Databot while you travel, work, study, play or relax. it will search for you what you wish to know or listen, in few seconds. FEATURES - Quickly identifies the subjects required - Creates customized multimedia presentations using voice, text and images - Answers to specific questions - Creates summarizing pages containing: your answer, related details, materials, search services, links. - Allows you to easily share answers using SMS, Email and social networks. - Enhances his abilities using free upgrades or purchased. - Customizes itself according your preferences: language, voice, name, behavior. - Gains experience while using it. The experience is an alternative method to obtain upgrades available in the store or exclusive rewards. FREE SERVICES AND MODULES With the free modules you can ask Databot, without limits, questions and get answers about famous people, fictional characters, random topics, shopping list, reminders, appointmens, alarm clocks, chat, funny insults, daily horoscope, flash ligth, braintrain, stopwatch, countdown and take advantage of a limited set of jokes and riddles. LIST COMPLETED OF SERVICES AND MODULES AVAILABLE - DICTIONARY Module: provides you etimology, meaning, synonyms and antonyms of required words looking in dictionary. - HOROSCOPE: tells you daily horoscope. - SECRETARY Module: shopping list, reminders, appointments, alarm clocks - THEMATIC Module (8): it creates presentations, quickly identifies, does web search and answers to specific questions or requests about: FAMOUS PEOPLE, FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, MOVIES AND TV SERIES CITY, NATIONS, FOOTBALL CLUB AND NATIONAL FOOTBALL, FAMOUS BOOKS. - JOKE Module : tells funny jokes, questions, jokes men vs. women, jokes Chuck Norris and funny insults to use with friends. - NEWS Module: read the latest news on topics of your interest: the world economy, cinema, sport and much more. RSS reader is completely configurable. - BRAIN TRAIN Module: train your mind every day with math exercises, sight and memory. - SOUNDS Module: plays sounds from a list where you can choose: humans sounds, animal sounds, weapons sounds, impacts sounds. - RIDDLE Module: entertains you with riddles, math riddles, logic riddles with suggestions and solutions. - QUOTE Module: searches quotes about the subject required or random quotes - BASE Module: provides you information, helps, tutorial, speech dialogue, random topic, presentations and identifications, flash light, countdown, stopwatch, chat.



Publisert av

Andrea Testa

Utviklet av

RoboBot Studio



Omtrentlig størrelse

48,8 MB


3 år og eldre



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