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Let’s download and play the best drag racing tournament game available at Window Store from your window device for free. Drag racing tournament is the classic nitro fuelled racing game where you can find world top manufacture including Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari, McLaren and special FZR 2000 featured car from classic Need for Speed. Easy to play and hard to master, Play a quick race in your spare time, or strap yourself in for a grand tournament at the top. If you like drag racing game then try in your mobile device as well. Get ready to take over the racing circuit. Unlock the other available cars to travel with the speed of heat, visually stunning graphics to experience the intense drag racing experience. Explore new tracks and keep practicing to master the cutting edge style of Drag Racing. Can you survive in the tournament and beat the rivals? Real time lighting and particle effects to ensure you race your way to the top. Upgrade and customize your car where you can upgrade your engine, boost your race to become the no.1 player of the tournament. Game Features:- • Free Game Play. • Easy controls. • Realistic drag experience and feelings. • Beautiful graphics. • Realistic Physics. • Ultimate drag racing on the streets. • Upgrade your favorite car to drag. • Unique tracks in your favorite drag game. • Best drag racing game for tablets. • Upgrade your car and win the races. • Customize your car. How to play: • Tap to Shift Gear upon instruction. Download & enjoy the “Drag Racing Tournament” game and don’t forget to give your valuable suggestions and comments to improve our game.



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