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An incredibly Galaxy Star Ship War to play in full swing! Trying to compete with players around the world in the online rankings! The battle that glowed hot in the universe starts now ...! [Features] *Exciting battles between space battleships *Extensive self-machine customization *Intuitive and unique operation system *Competing with users across the globe via online ranking. [How To Play] Acceleration and deceleration: Slide the lever on the bottom left of the screen Turning: Swipe the screen to the left and right Exchange of weapons: Tap the weapon button You can accelerate and decelerate with the lever to manipulate the aircraft and move in the direction of 360 degrees. 【Various missions】 There are various missions such as shooting down enemy aircraft, destroying facility, aiming goal. There is also a battle with a big boss-class enemy. There are also mission fights with ally ships, ally fleet! [Customize your own machine] Purchase the parts at the shop, and install it on your own machine. The cost is set for each part, and the total cost of the attached parts is It is necessary to avoid exceeding the maximum cost. It is a different shooting game with others. Please try playing! [Recommended for this one! 】 · I want to play a unique shooting game · I feel that simple games are unsatisfactory · I want to play a pointy game an



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