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A new hit farm simulation! Strap on your farming boots and grow the biggest farm in the country: sow and grow, breed and build, trade and buy ready-made. Golden Farm awaits you! Challenge your strategy skills and turn a small plot of fallow land into a farming empire together with your maa-rvelous buddy, Freddy the goat. And don’t forget to bring your friends with you: nothing is better than a neighbor’s helping hand or envious look. * Build and upgrade farm buildings! * Grow fruit trees and plants in fields and gardens! * Breed animals: feed a chicken flock, milk a cow and shear sheep! * Explore diamond mines below the farm! * Produce and trade all sorts of goods: from dairy to jewelry! * Connect with locals! Add Facebook friends as neighbors, or make new friends! * Compete with your neighbors at the Fair of Achievements! * Manage a top grade delivery service: by car, train or even airship! * Customize your farm! Choose from tons of furniture, decor and flower items to make it look trendy! * Visit neighboring farms to find out whose grass is greener! * Get your daily serving of farming fun! Grab a lottery ticket and scratch off your way to the jackpot. Time is moo-ney! Download and start your farm-marvelous adventure now!


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On a distant, snow-covered island, the daughter of an Eskimo elder has disappeared. She went on a photo expedition and never came back. Go to the island quickly and help find her!


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