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Imagine yourself into the fantastic world of pixel art pictures while painting Halloween drawings and relax by doodling. If you feel stress out, you can try the glitter number coloring book for adults because it has an anti-stress effect. So you can release your problems and relax in meditative pixel art. Enjoy the sparkly coloring book with your creative Halloween scary ideas and feel like an artist after coloring pixel art witches & Halloween pumpkins. Choosing your favorite halloween coloring category that you wish to make cool. Some of them are silly, others are grumpy while there are also a few who look puzzled in pixel art colors. Pixel coloring has never been so fun until now but magical land of Halloween awaits you to pixel color and have a great time with pumpkin pixel art, zombie pixel art, Halloween candy pixel art and monsters pixel art pages. How To Play: - Choose a glitter coloring category from a variety of scary pixel pages. - Use stretch zoom in-out function and color pixel boxes with the same number color. - Use hints to color whole pixel drawing pages and get more hints by watching ads. - A paint bucket is also available for your easiness. - Paint with the bucket and watch ads to get more free buckets for relaxing color therapy. - A video tutorial is available to help you know how to color scary Halloween pages. - Unlock everything by purchasing weekly premium mode and enjoy pixel coloring with alleviating effects. Features: - Funky characters to color in shiny pixels. - Enjoy creating antistress pixel art scary halloween pages. - Lots of scary and horror pictures of monsters, vampires, zombies, and bats. - Gives innovative filling in a way that you feel all your stress released away. - Pixel coloring allows you to express feelings, fears, and thoughts. - Fabulous free drawings with which you can express your creativity. Halloween Sandbox Coloring Book allows you to feel like a mystical artist. Paint by number all Halloween pictures in our adult coloring book and immerse yourself in the world of witches, ghosts and funny monsters.


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Next Tech Labs


Next Tech Labs



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