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This application is a video viewer of files and strings IPTV, M3U with integrated EPG control system on the channels. The advanced features of this wonderful program integrate in a single solution different needs, easy and intuitive replicates the interface of a common decoder with the advanced features of the stream IPTV. We're talking about an App that simulates the operation of an Internet digital decoder with M3U strings or sharing between users. Allows you to make your own m3u video or sharing string and manage it as a normal home device. A Help system will guide you in the first installation, available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. Loaded your IPTV string you will be able to access all the most classic features, under one are the main windows that represent the grouping of the proposed channel list. * Channel List * Favorite Channel List * Channel list by category es: General, sports, documentaries. Etc. * Expert management channel list. * Channel List On-Demand * Search Channel in the list You can create new visual interfaces to use or share, there are already different graphics to customize your interface. Multilingual interface, even simpler and more intuitive with the writing in your language! In fact, conversions are already present for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish languages. And if you do not find your language we provide you with the necessary to translate it! You can take advantage of the use of your external control devices or the touch of your finger, the most comfortable control solutions have been integrated. * Use mouse. * Using the keyboard. * Use an Android USB remote (keyboard emulation). * Use the Joypad or remote control via X-Box. * Use the Touch Screen. Guaranteeing you a view comfortably from your armchair or couch at home. It also allows the EPG function (Electronic program Guide), already present in a fast way those for Italy, Germany. Ability to load from external source files of your own country or select a server from the list proposed a server (not all countries are available.) You can share and receive shared channels from other users, a powerful Exchange engine allows you to analyze Internet pages, m3u files, text, HTML. A valuable help for the enterpriser who does not enjoy finding free codes on the forums or in the network in general. It also loads on-Demand files, in a special list if the file provides you with the vision of your extra entertainment content. You can use it on a wide range of devices and a special Web feature allows you to remotely insert strings into your device giving you greater flexibility. You can generate and upload a string from your disk, by menu you can decide whether to keep it in private or make it public. A little bit of history about this product: After countless requests this application is converting the famous and popular "IPTV DREAM BOX VIRTUAL TV", written for Windows 8 devices. We have adapted the code to be loaded even on the most modern platforms such as augmented reality or for those who simply want to use their Xbox Home device as an alternative to a real decoder



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