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Discover the world solving puzzles. Visit over 30 countries and explore their landmarks, beautiful landscapes and delicious food. The puzzles capture the culture and the uniqueness of each country. All pictures are high resolution to make the puzzles ideal for solving on tablets, laptops and PCs. Embrace your passion for travel and jigsaw puzzles by joining our vibrant community and sharing your thoughts, favorite destinations and travel adventures. The game includes many puzzles: * Free Puzzles The game contains 75 puzzles organised in 3 packs: USA, France and Philippines. The puzzles can be played in any difficulty mode, using any puzzle shape and as many times as you want. * Free Puzzle of the Day Every day we offer a unique puzzle. Remember to finish the game before the end of the day, as Puzzle of the Day changes at midnight. The Free Puzzle and the Puzzle of the Day can be played after watching a short video ad. If you want to play puzzles without having to watch ads you can purchase a 'Remove ads' subscription or a 'Premium' subscription. See 'Subscription rules' below for details. * Paid Puzzle Packs We offer over 40 puzzle packs for sale. Each puzzle pack contains 25 puzzles. Once you purchase a puzzle pack you can customize the puzzles and you can play them anytime you want. * Premium Subscription For dedicated users we offer premium subscriptions. Users with an active subscription can play any puzzle in our library. Purchasing a Premium subscription also removes the Puzzle of the Day video ads. * Unlock Puzzles with Crowns When playing Puzzle of the Day you can create an account and participate in our daily contest. Top 3 players that solve the puzzle the fastest receive 1 crown reward each at the end of the day. There are 5 contests every day, one for each difficulty level. The earned crowns can be used to unlock paid puzzle packs. Subscription Rules: 1. A subscription will start and renew automatically, and will be charged to your Microsoft Account. You can manage your subscription in your Microsoft Account settings. 2. If the subscription includes a free trial period, you will not be charged during your free trial period. If you are happy with the game, do nothing. When the free trial concludes, your subscription will start and renew automatically, and will be charged to your Microsoft Account. To avoid that, you must cancel the subscription before it expires. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Purchase Rules: Any purchase you perform in the game can be played even if you reinstall the game, or if you change your computer. Just remember to login with the same Microsoft Account that you used for performing the purchases and you will be able to play all the puzzles you paid for. Offline Play: 1. All free puzzles can be played offline. 2. All purchased puzzles can be played offline for 30 days. That means that you can travel with your laptop and your puzzles will be available even if you don't have internet access. After 30 days you will need to get internet access in order to refresh the licenses for the purchased puzzle packs. 3. Puzzle of the Day cannot be played offline. Thank you for playing our game. We hope you will have a great time solving the puzzles!


Nyheter i denne versjonen

• March 24th, 2020: Added COVID19 promotion. Enjoy the puzzles, stay home, and stay safe. • Februaryt 2nd, 2020: New puzzle pack: Iceland. • December 6th, 2019: New puzzle pack: Salzburg. • August 31st, 2019: New puzzle pack: Tuscany. • July 30th, 2019: New puzzle pack: Tenerife. • June 27th, 2019: New puzzle pack: Sicily. • May 31st, 2019: New puzzle pack: Morocco. • April 29th, 2019: New puzzle pack: Florida. • March 25th, 2019: New puzzle pack: Budapest. • February 7th, 2019: New puzzle pack: Paris. • January 14th, 2019: New puzzle pack: Austria.


  • Daily jigsaw puzzle
  • Pick the number of pieces
  • Pick the shape of the pieces
  • Move multiple pieces at once
  • Pieces tray
  • Change game board color
  • High resolution puzzles
  • Shuffle pieces on the board
  • Peek at the final picture
  • Filter edge pieces
  • Soothing background music
  • Daily Competition
  • Contest rewards
  • Share completed puzzle on Facebook
  • Set completed puzzle as desktop wallpaper
  • Puzzle information and Wikipedia article
  • Guided tutorial
  • Daily paid puzzle sales
  • Premium subscriptions
  • Premium subscription trial


Publisert av

Mihai M


Copyright © 2020, Frenzy Games

Utviklet av

Frenzy Games



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820,3 MB


3 år og eldre


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English (United States)

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The game shares your player name and score in the Online Leaderboard. Choose appropriate names which are not offensive to other players. Failing to do so could lead to your game account being suspended.

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