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"Rooms and concepts" is an app which is great for children that have just broken the code of reading. The objective of the game is to identify the given words in an image. The images are in grayscale, but as the player identifies and taps the items, the image gets colored, item by item. The app is also great for developing and practicing the English vocabulary. The app has 26 levels, each with 10 tasks. As well as being pedagogical and educational, funny illustrations make the app entertaining as well. The kids really love this app because of all the colors that appear when tapping the images! For each level the player has to identify 10 words to unlock the next level. After an item is located in the image, the item gets colored and a voice repeats the word so that the player can hear how the word is pronounced. As for all of the apps from Alphabet King, "Rooms and concepts" is designed to work well on both phones and on tablets with bigger screens. No ads or in-app purchase! The Alphabet King The Alphabet King offers a big selection of eduational apps that teach how to read and write. These apps are great to use at home and in the classroom. The Alphabet King is full of fun activities that implement different strategies to help your child read. Each app is created by teachers and those who specialize in reading and writing to give your student an exciting, educational experience. We would love your feedback! Drop us a line at Please follow us on Facebook:



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Alphabet King


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Alphabet King



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Nettsted for Rooms
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