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Traffic Race: Road Rage: The road maniacs are out on the road all dressed in black and driving in red cars. They are trying to cause chaos on the city roads, which would be used today for some casual drivers, having fun on the road, in their speedy cars, racing against the traffic, while dodging them for glory. But these crooks have a different agenda for tonight. The police have identified you among the traffic racer, to teach these crooks a lesson. Race the traffic in this great city of ours in all seasons, sunshine or rain or snow. You can race the traffic even in desert. The Key is to bring your speedy car and avoid all the traffic on the road by dodging them, while keeping an eye on the red car. Don’t forget to bump them off the road and wreck their cars to teach them a lesson. Traffic Race: Road Rage Features: • Amazing game play in different environments • Mesmerizing effects on red car flying off the circuit. • Easy controls. • Realistic traffic system. • Real gravity and physics • Endless racing • Great effects while switching between environments



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Skippy Apps Pty Ltd

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Skippy Apps Pty Ltd



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