.NET Core is the modular and high performance implementation of .NET for creating web applications and services that run on Windows, Linux and Mac. It is open source and it can share the same code with .NET Framework and Xamarin apps. More...

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.NET Core 1.0.3 SDK - Installer .NET Core 1.0.3 SDK - Binaries Only
Windows x64 / x86 .exe x64 / x86 .zip
macOS x64 .pkg x64 .tar.gz
Linux Installing .NET Core on Linux
Docker Installing .NET Core on Docker
Visual Studio 2015 Tools (Preview 2) x64 / x86 .exe
Visual Studio 2017 Tools (Preview 3) Installing .NET Core tools in Visual Studio 2017

Step-by-step instructions

Daily Builds

For even more current releases including daily builds you can visit the .NET Core tools GitHub repository.

Release Builds Archive

For access to previous .NET Core SDK releases you can visit the .NET Core Runtime and SDK download archive.