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Braains io is a tag game. At first, some humans appear. They have a time to run across the territory, in order to escape or to block from zombies. Then zombies appear. By a single touch, they turn people into other zombies. You may protect yourself with weapons and furniture. To buy weapons, use the bonus money. Sometimes you can find weapons on the map left as a bonus. The game is made with a sense of humor, and it’s quite easy to find a partner. When you are a human, the aim is to survive. If you survive till the end of the invasion, you will receive bonus money. If you are bitten by a zombie, you will turn into another zombie. Then, the aim is to bite all humans and to prevent them from victory. It is a team game, but it is not necessary to cooperate, you may successfully act on your own. CONTROLS: WASD or mouse to move Note that I have no rights to this game. This player app gives users a sandboxed version of this game that is isolated from the rest of the internet. This can also lead to performance boosts on 64-bit devices (you most likely have a 64-bit device). The game is still available to play for free on its own website! But this player is perfect if you're looking for a competitive edge, to play the game in a UWP format, or want to be isolated from everything else, then this player is perfect! You are paying for the player itself, not the game. .io game, io game, io games, .io games, .io gaym, io gaym, .io gayms, io gayms, slither, slither.io, slitherio, agar, agar.io, agario, diep, diep.io, diepio, mope, mope.io, mopeio, splix, splix.io, splixio, zombs royale, zombsroyale, zombs royale.io, zombsroyale.io, surviv, surviv.io, survivio, fun, epic, best, top, addicting, brains, brainsio, brain, brainio, braainsio, braains.io


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