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Virtual reality prison is a wicked place. The finest criminals from other realms are detained here. It is clear that you don't belong here! Once, you found your prison cell unlocked. Was it a prison guard negligence, or a part of someone's sophisticated plan? It doesn't matter! Use this opportunity to leave this unpleasant place. Take an electrostatic weapon and pave the way to freedom through hordes of cyberpunks. Your weapon principal of action is easy: it fills your enemies with positive and negative charges. Then you are to bump them together to annihilate. But you should remember that such weapon is unstable and can cause massive destruction. Your main goal is to find a way to the real world. Explore this surly virtual world and finish all levels, fighting with cyberpunk creations. Digital Dungeon game key Features: Unusual mechanics - not a custom shooter, think through your actions and their consequences; Extraordinary location, inspired by cyberpunk works; Opportunity to upgrade a weapon. More powerful from one side and more destructive from the other...try to maintain a balance. Start your way to freedom and may the electrostatics be with you!


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Real Fighting, LLC



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