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FlipSomeTiles is original and addictive Touch Puzzle Game. The goal is simple, trace a path from the Start Tile to the End Tile, turning the tiles gold in the process. FlipSomeTiles has 40 levels of play in the trial, and 140 levels of play with the paid version. Again, game play is simple, start tracing the tiles with the "start" tile and work your way to the "end" tile. As you trace over a white tile, it turns gold and you can not re-trace back over that tile. The trace has to be continuous and if you make a wrong move or lift your finger you fail that level. There are specialty tiles that appear as you advance through the levels that do allow you to re-trace your path. For example, there is a glass tile that lets you re-trace the path twice before shattering and a steel plate that can be re-traced over countless times. You will also discover the Switch tile and the Mystery tile…


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