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Do you ever want a simple, fast archive unzip & zip tool for Windows 10, and it is free? Any Zip is the best choice for you. Any Zip has a clear user interface. To open & extract archives, go to the "Unpack" page. To create an archive such as Zip, GZip, go to the "Pack" page. And of course, there is "Settings" and "Help". That's all. It's very easy to understand. Any Zip is optimized for high-speed decompressing and compressing. It may be the fastest unzip / zip tool in UWP apps. This will be obvious when you extract large archive files. Any Zip has many features: ⭐ Able to extract archives: rar, zip, 7z, iso, tar, gz, gzip, bz, bz2, xz. ⭐ Able to create archives: zip, tar, gzip. ⭐ High-speed decompressing and compressing. ⭐ Support for the latest RAR5 format. ⭐ Support for decompressing multi-volume archives. ⭐ Support for drag & drop operations. ⭐ Able to open password-protected archives, and create archives with password. ⭐ Able to extract selected parts of an archive. ⭐ By double clicking an item, you can view any file in an archive with the default Windows app. And some important new features has been added to version 2: ⭐ You can manage a future-access list of folders. An archive in the folder or sub-folder of the list can be extracted to "\" with only one click. ⭐ The context menu has been added to the Windows explorer. Please remember you must choose Any Zip as the default app of the archive format. ⭐ Able to change the color theme. Choose the color as you like. Just download and enjoy it now!


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AnywaySoft, Inc.

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AnywaySoft, Inc.



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