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A thrilling ride through jungle, caves and treetops. Play as Kong! Banana Kong King! Collect bananas, and avoid obstacles such as thorny mushrooms, boulders and tree logs. How far can you go? Hey hey hey! A new game about banana and Kong here - Banana Kong King Adventures! Kong is a big monkey. Like others monkey, he very love bananas. Help our Banana King Kong run and collect all banana on this island. Run fast and skip all obstacle and other enemies like sharks and snow ball. Features: - Simple one-touch gameplay. Pick up your device and start playing! - Stunning graphics - Fun theme and Great music - Increasingly difficult challenges. Every round is different. Easy to learn, hard to master. - Hours of addictive gameplay Remember, this game might become harder than it looks. Play as a gorilla in a beautiful jungle. Do you love Benji bananas, Blast monkey, Banana kong, Angry birds monkey, monkey... right for you is Banana Kong King! We are not related to banana kong makers


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Friv Royale Entertainment



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21,85 MB


3 jaar en ouder


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English (United States)

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