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Jump into intense arcade action! Catch the blocks before they destroy the floor and collect enough blocks to move onto the next level. Explosions, Lasers, Boss Monsters, Block Droppers, this game has everything. Single player not your thing? Challenge your friends in a same screen local multiplayer Block Battle with 6 awesome arenas. Use your keyboard or Xbox One remote to dominate in battle. Note: There are no ads and no in-app purchases! One price gets you the whole game plus any future updates!


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October 2017 Release - Full player customization with 30+ skins to choose from! - Improved, smoother camera movement! August 2017 Release - Added Block Battle 6! - Added a multiplayer win counter to keep track within same game session! July 2017 Release - Block Battle 5 Added! - Xbox Live Sign-In Added! - Completely Refreshed UI! - Improved Boss Monster Mechanics!


  • Local multiplayer Block Battle mode!
  • 10 levels of intense campaign game play!
  • 2 boss battles!
  • Explosions, lasers, monsters, oh my!
  • Colorful and exciting graphics!
  • Challenging level unlock system!
  • Player customization options, with 30+ skins!
  • Use keyboard or Xbox One remotes!
  • Xbox One Controller Support For Windows 10!
  • Two players can use one keyboard!

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