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Take your favorite boulderdash clone. Mix it with a dash of mobility, put in some infinity factor and play it from the palm of your hand! That's what Boulder World is all about: "Easy gameplay with allot of fun!" The idea is simple: Try to find as many crystals as possible. They allow you to open doors and explore new corridors and caves. But beware of the enemies that lurk around. A huge family of goons are all trying to block you're path. Leftie, Rightie, Evie, Firie, Diggie, Greedie, Creepie and Speedie: each of them has unique capabilities to make your life though. Boulder World has been designed to be played on tablets. Based on the INSTA-Play concept, new technology has been put to use to get you up and gaming within no-time. This means no more long loading screens or menus to navigate just to have some fun. Boulder World features the following in-game items: - Crystals: In all colors and flavors. - Enemies: A whole bunch of them, all with different characteristics. - Goo: Slimy, sticky goo can cause real troubles... - Rocks: They are quite heavy. Try to drop them onto a enemy or goo. - Explosives: All games need them. Does a wall block the path? Blow it up with a bomb! Is a enemy annoying? Put a landmine in its path and wait until you hear a big bang. - Secrets: Have you found the shiny brick wall? - Chests: Ever needed to store allot of crystals, just to ensure they are safe before you wander into a dangerous area? Try using a treasure chest. And lots and lots more that doesn't fit into this description...


Nieuw in deze versie - Boulder World now includes over 80 dungeons to explore! - Audio & music can now be disable in the settings charm. - Optimized performance. - Please reinstall if the game does not start after updating. - Optimized performance


  • Simple gameplay - easy for kids
  • Exploration and collection
  • Tablet optimized gameplay
  • Cool graphics 'n cheesy music
  • INSTA-play. First gaming, then menus

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Peter Vrenken


Copyright © 2013 Peter Vrenken

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Peter Vrenken



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24,8 MB


3 jaar en ouder


Puzzelen en trivia

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