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Cash Lines, The Fruit Machine is a retro, just for fun fruit machine complete with nudges, trail features and game board features and it’s a perfect way to test your luck! Happy retro gaming! Cash Lines, The Fruit Machine can be played by touching the onscreen buttons or by using a mouse-which covers most devices so happy retro gaming, all you need to provide is some real luck... To add coins/credits to the fruit machine simply tap or click the red coin slot (Found above the game board features). Each tap/click of the coin slot will add four credits to the fruit machine, then just play the fruit machine like you normally would do. Please note-the coin slot will become inactive if you have ninety six credits in the fruit machine or more-until some of those credits are used, then the coin slot will become active again. The coin slot will also become inactive if you have one hundred pounds or more in the bank of the fruit machine-once that bank has been collected the coin slot will become active again. The main features of Cash Lines, The Fruit Machine include; -Mystery Bonus Features-(When the trail is on number four or number ten you can select a random mystery bonus feature which may help you to either get a prize win or increase the trail number you are currently on, depending on the feature and most of the time they are a real help to the player. The mystery bonus features available are-In no real order-Respin, Stoppa, Boost, Skill Stop, Selector, Numbers in View, Reel Skill, Number Run and Golden Hold). -Trial Nudges, Gamble and Shuffle-(When the trail is on numbers sixteen to twenty seven you will be offered nudges which you can gamble in an attempt to win more or shuffle the reels at the cost of one nudge). -Trail Auto Nudge-(When the trail number is on a nudge amount and there is a prize win available within that nudge amount for the reels you are on, you will be offered that prize win and an auto nudge to that prize win. The auto nudge will automatically offer the largest prize win available for the nudge amount and the reels you are on which is a real help to the player and ensures the player is offered the highest prize win possible for the circumstances and if collected, the auto nudge will also use the nudges and automatically nudge to the prize win offered). -Trial Jackpot Gold Run Repeater-(When the trail is on number twenty eight you will win the Jackpot and a random amount of steps on the Gold Run, which will repeat the Jackpot if you spin a successful Gold Run, so the more steps you have on the Gold Run, the more real the chance of a successful repeat). -Prize Win Gamble, Game Board Feature offer and Game Board Feature Shuffle-(When you get a prize win on the fruit machine, you will be offered a prize win gamble, except in the case of Jackpot wins and you’ll be offered an exchange to a game board feature and you’ll be offered a game board feature shuffle. Here you can either gamble your prize win, take the game board feature offered or shuffle the game board feature where it’ll offer a new game board feature. You’ll be offered a free shuffle under certain circumstances and in conditions where there isn’t a free shuffle available and the shuffle is used it will reduce the prize win by one. The greater the prize win amount, the more real the chance you’ll be offered a better game board feature. There are many more features like holds, trail held(s) and of course the Gold Run and the game board features themselves-which are too many to list and explain in detail but include prize win repeaters and features like Cash Flash along with the BIG features like the Jackpot Repeater, Mega Cash Repeater, Graphic Cash Repeater etc- for those lucky enough to be offered them. The game also has retro sound effects, all in all, a lot of real retro fun in one retro fruit machine-happy retro gaming!


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Midgeley Games


Gary Midgeley

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Midgeley Games



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18,14 MB


12 jaar en ouder




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