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Train your screen tapping accuracy in the new fun and addictive app, Click The Dots. Click on all the dots within the time limit to complete the level. ----------------------------- STAGES: There are 3 stages, 2 free to play stages and 1 time rush stage. Each free to play stage has 15 levels. The first stage has 3 different colors, the second one has 6. The time rush stage has 4 levels: 30, 60, 90 and 120 seconds. In the beginning only the first stage will be unlocked. The next 2 stages will get unlocked when you reach a certain amount of level stars. GOAL: To complete a level, you have to click on all the dots as fast as you can, but there's a catch: each color needs to be clicked a certain amount of time to get removed from the screen. Each level also has 3 lives. If you miss-click a dot, 1 of your lives gets removed. The more lives you lose, the more level stars you lose, When you miss-click 3 times, the level will end, giving you 0 stars. You can also stop the level timer up to 3 times, this gives you all the time of the world to solve a level, but don't forget that you can still lose lives if you click on the background instead of the dot. OPTIONS: If you want to start all over again you can simply reset your game data at the Options page (button can be found at the main menu screen). STATS: You can track your game stats at the Stats page, which also can be found at the main menu screen. At that page you can also find an email address if you want to send me feedback about the app. HAVE FUN PLAYING THE GAME!


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Fabian W.

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Fabian W.



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Puzzelen en trivia


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