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Find out how fast you can respond to the falling shapes in the new game: Collect the Shapes. Collect all falling shapes to increase your highscore. The more shapes you collect and the faster you respond, the faster you will unlock the next levels! GAME: The goal of the game is to collect all the falling shapes, without letting one go past you. When you reach a certain amount of collected shapes and you have a certain highscore in a level, the next level will get unlocked. There are 4 levels in total, which will require more skills every level. LEVELS: There are 4 levels, each will require more skills. The first level has 3 rows, with a slow speed. The second one has 4 rows, with a bit faster falling shapes. The third level has 5 rows, with even faster falling shapes, and the fourth level also has 5 rows, with the same fall speed as level 3, but this time there are barriers so you don't see the whole screen, which is very difficult.


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Fabian W.

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Fabian W.



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698,17 KB


3 jaar en ouder


Puzzelen en trivia


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English (United States)

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